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1  Rhys Yates / Tom WoodBurn4  Paul Swift / Patrick WalshTerry Clarke / Ronnie Roughead11  Ian Woodhouse / Paul RowlandMartin Hodgson / Tony JonesBruce Edwards / Jim SmithBruce Edwards / Jim Smith8  Bruce Edwards / Jim SmithDaryl Morris / Steve GullyPeter Hancock / Rhodri Hancock14  Stephen Beck / Paul Brown10  Alan Kirkaldy / Camerop Fair9  Peter Hancock / Rhodri Hancock12  Peter Keith Rayner / Maria RaynerStuart Cogger / Ade Summers15  Mike Taylor  Martin Haggett  Talbot Sunbeam Lotus98  Wil Owen  Rob Hopewell  Ford EscortWil Owen / Rob Hopewell24  Tony Robinson / Paul Wakely41  John Griffiths  Nigel Weton  Subaru Impreza

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