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N47E C-47A "Miss Virgina". 43-30665N24320 DC-3 "Miss Montana"N24320 DC-3 "Miss Montana"N47E C-47A "Miss Virgina". 43-30665N8336C C-53DO "The Spirit of Benovia"N8336C C-53DO "The Spirit of Benovia"N47E C-47A "Miss Virgina". 43-30665N25641 Douglas DC-3C "Liberty" Legend AirwaysN25641 Douglas DC-3C "Liberty" Legend AirwaysN8336C C-53DO "The Spirit of Benovia"N431HM DC-3 CrossairHA-LIX Lisunov Li-2 "Karman Todor"N74589 C-47 "Placid Lassie". 224064C-47 "That's all Brother"

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