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Due to Photographic regulations applied by the management at Mallory Park, these photo's are not for sale and can only be supplied to riders, drivers, teams, sponsors and the press for direct use in newspapers, magazines and the media in general.
Steve Tomes, Norton Manx 499Adam Lonsdale, BSA Goldstar 350Sam Rhodes, Velocette KTT 350Sam Rhodes, Velocette KTT 350Charles Watson, Norton Manx 350Derek Bunning, Matchless G50 500Robert Lusk, AJS 7R 350Luke Notton, Norton Manx 499Glen English, Norton Works 500Mike Russell, Norton Manx 500Andy Molnar, Norton Manx 348Peter Swallow, Norton Manx 348Peter Swallow, Norton Manx 348Robin Stokes, Norton Manx 40M 350Robin Stokes, Norton Manx 40M 350Adam Lonsdale, BSA Goldstar 350Adam Lonsdale, BSA Goldstar 350Derek Bunning, Matchless G50 500Adam Lonsdale, BSA Goldstar 350Roger Ashby, AJS 7R 350

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