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21 / 22, Madeleine and Harry Baxter, Austin 7 Ulster11/12  Rohan Clarke and Isaac Bell, Austin 7 Special30 Russell Webster, Ford Model A21 / 22, Madeleine and Harry Baxter, Austin 7 Ulster9 Harriet Turley, Austin 7 RTC Special26 Matt Johnston, Austin 7Drivers Briefing24/27 Jack and Tom Peppiattt, Austin 7Drivers BriefingOn your marks, get set!7 Cressida de Little7 Cressida de Little, Austin 726 Matt Johnston3 George Daniell, Austin 7 Chummy3 George Daniell, Austin 7 Chummy29 Georgina Waite1 Amy Dyson, Austin 7 Special10 Grace Fox13 Zoe Duffin

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